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Vitamins Information - List of all common Vitamins

Vitamins are organic chemical substances required in minute quantities for the processof metabolism for the body. A group of complex substances that are essential in small amounts for good health. The body cannot manufacture vitamins other than vitamin D and niacin, and the rest must be obtained from the diet. A vitamin is an organic molecule required by a living organism in minute amounts for proper health. Normally we intake nutritions from good food. They make our bodies strong to help us fight disease and slow the natural aging process.

Vitamins are classified as fat-soluble (A, D, E and K) and water-soluble (B group and C). Fat - Soluble vitamins (and vitamins B12 and C) can be stored in the body. Some fat in the diet is needed to absorb A, E and K. Both of these two vitamins have different influence in our body. Water solute vitamins which are C & B groups can't all storage in our body. Some of them will discharge from urine so we have to supplement daily. Fat solute vitamins which are A, D, E and K will accumulate in our body. Each of them have different interactions so we can't take individual.

A diet that includes a wide range of animal and plant foods (fruit, vegetables and grains) contains plenty of vitamins for a healthy person. Supplements are needed only if an adequate diet cannot be maintained or if diseases that have developed from vitamin deficiencies require treatment.

The following list of the main vitamins, describes their known functions, the foods they are found in, and the problems caused by deficiency and excess. Eating healthy, balanced meals throughout the day is what will ensure that you take in all the vitamins and nutrients you need to survive. While individuals have different dietary needs, everyone needs the full complement of vitamins in order to live a healthy, disease-free life.



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