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Alfalfa - Alfalfa Herb is used as a bitter digestive remedy; general tonic; antipyretic; alterative; diuretic (weak); for acid conditions in general; and for inflammations; arthritis; rheumatism.

Bamboo - The leaf of bamboo has been used as an antipyretic. The stem (new shoots) have been used for hematuria.

Cardamom - In Chinese Medicine cardamom, the small green, unripe seeds [sha ren] are considered best for kidney problems and the large white seeds [bai dou kou] better for lung problems. Used for asthma, stomach problems, hemorrhoids, and bad breath.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon steeped in warm milk has been used to relieve symptoms of altitude sickness. Ground cinnamon has been used on a wet toothbrush as an antiseptic for gum disease, mouth sores, cankers, and cavities. Cinnamon sticks are used in a variety of dried arrangements, particularly with apples.

Rosemary - The rosemary fresh seed (many varieties do not come true from seed), by cuttings of new growth (best), by layering. There are two basic rosemary types of growth habit - upright and prostrate. All are tender perennials.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood is considered to be aphrodisiac, deep relaxant and stimulant of psychic centers. Oil is used in perfumery and in the diffusor.


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