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Siderosis Information

Siderosis is the deposition of iron in tissue. It is an occupational lung disease that is the result of exposure to iron and its oxides. It is a rare condition characterized by deposition of hemosiderin on the cerebellum (especially the vermis), basal frontal lobe and olfactory bulbs, temporal cortex, brainstem and cranial nerves (especially VIII), spinal cord and nerve roots. Males are more often affected than females.

Causes of Siderosis

The common causes and risk factor's of Siderosis include the following:

  • Exposure to iron and its oxides.

Symptoms of Siderosis

Some sign and symptoms related to Siderosis are as follows:

  • Endocrine dysfunction - for example, diabetes mellitus.
  • Liver cirrhosis.
  • Cardiac failure.

Treatment of Siderosis

Here is list of the methods for treating Siderosis :

  • The most commonly attempted therapy is iron chelation using a medication such as desferrioxamine.


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