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Phosphorus (P) Information

Phosphorus is a mineral that is a vital part of healthy living, but it is often forgotten in the long list of vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. It is important to be aware of your phosphorus intake to ensure you are getting the proper amount in your diet to stay healthy.

Phosphorus is usually found in nature combined with oxygen as phosphate. Most of the phosphate in the human body is in bone and teeth. People with severe kidney disease must avoid excessive phosphorus. Because of some authorities have suggested that excess intake of phosphate is hazardous to normal calcium and bone metabolism, but this idea might be challenged.

Benefits to our body

Phosphorus can help maintain the health of your kidneys and regulate fluid levels in the body. Phosphorus also affects the proteins and hormones contributing to reproductive health. The phosphate in phosphorus also works to regulate the production and use of energy in the body.

Food Resource

Phosphorus is highest in protein-rich foods. The main sources foods of this mineral are fish, chicken, duck, egg, milk, peanuts and whole grains, and the body can easily absorb much of the phosphorus you take in. In addition, phosphorus additives are used in many soft drinks and packaged foods.

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