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Cardamom Herb Information

When purchased as a plant, it might be labeled as Elettaria cardamomum, but could in fact be a species of Aframomum which has fragrant leaves, but rarely flowers or sets seeds. Seeds (unlikely in potted plants) of cardamom gathered before they are quite ripe. In actuality this is the fruit with 3 seeds contained within, but the fruit is left whole till seeds are required for use. Contains anti-asthma compounds and some seeds added to coffee have been used to prevent an imminent attack. In cases of emphysema 1 tsp of powdered seeds in juice or tea has been used to give relief.

In Chinese Medicine cardamom, the small green, unripe seeds [sha ren] are considered best for kidney problems and the large white seeds [bai dou kou] better for lung problems. Used for asthma, stomach problems, hemorrhoids, and bad breath.

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