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Cinnamon Herb Information

Cinnamon has sometimes been combined with other herbs to improve their flavor (1/4 tsp to 1 cup of other herbs), or to prevent griping. Cinnamon steeped in warm milk has been used to relieve symptoms of altitude sickness. Ground cinnamon has been used on a wet toothbrush as an antiseptic for gum disease, mouth sores, cankers, and cavities. Cinnamon sticks are used in a variety of dried arrangements, particularly with apples.

Earth religions use either cinnamon tea or cinnamon as incense to focus the mind and improve communication with others. It is sometimes used in prophecy as well. Other uses include purifying sacred spaces, as a ritual incense, in the formation of love potions, added to amulets for good luck. It is also used in Tarot meditation and vibrates to the Lovers card. It is also used to consecrate Tourmaline and a small piece of cinnamon is stored with it.

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